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"It's been almost three decades since Manchester had a radio station that truly reflected the vibe of the city. 

And let's face it - commercial radio sucks these days.

So we built the radio station that we wanted to listen to; but it's not what you might have come to expect from Radio. 

We don't do adverts, news, weather and travel, or presenters talking nonsense.

It's all about the music.

The music never stops. 

Music that cuts across the decades and the genres.

Many people of our generation feel that the best years of their life are in the past. We believe in the memories still to look forward to, and we aim to provide the soundtrack.  

You can look back but don't stare.

And yes we're from Manchester, but we are for everyone. 

Great music is universal.

It unites us all".

MCR: Music.Conscious.Radio.



So, Richard and Adam approached me to do the 8.00 pm-10.00 pm show on a Sunday...

Click the link.

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