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 Drawing on 30 years of live and studio experience, the sessions will help and push you to further develop every single element of drumming including: 

The main focus is to develop coordination, confidence and awareness on the 
kit, adapting the student’s ability to use the drums in a musical setting improving their creativity as well as learning technical aspects. I also advise on developing their 
repertoire, advise on recording techniques, marketing strategies as well as preparation and execution of performances.

The understanding of timing, discipline, importance of improvising, posture, ergonomics, simplicity/pocket, focus, understanding playing for the track, having fun, playing with music, playing to click, kit set ups, studio experience, live experience, fills, using correct tone for certain tracks and genres.

Mentoring through Skype and FaceTime sessions worldwide, covering all of the above is also available. 

Current Students range from 8 years of age up to 62 years of age and covers all abilities from complete novices to Professionals.

If you are interested in booking a session please email

or DM on my socials


Studio to Stockport Studios in Pear Mill, Stockport.




Of course. How about. ‘I love seeing the impact learning drumming has had on Sam. He has gained in confidence and expanded his love of music. The fact he has been able to perform to complete songs for his friend and school has really helped him. 




would highly recommend Rick as both a teacher and a inspirational role model, Colleen is 10 years old and she has been learning drums with Rick for 18 months.

>> Rick teaches and encourages a solid foundation of technique in a child focused way with creative and exciting ways of playing and practising.


>> Colleen is very enthusiastic about the lessons and they have further increased her interest in all things drumming.


>> Rick’s approach to teaching my daughter has been both inspiring and fun.

>> Colleen’s describes Rick’s lessons as ‘Exciting and interesting’. 

>> As a parent I would also add that Rick’s approach in teaching Colleen has been kind, creative, encouraging and overall a lot of fun!


Rebecca- Leo.


Had a chat with Leo. He says: I really enjoy lessons with Rick - he's enthusiastic and makes it fun. I feel I've learnt a lot of rudiments and think my coordination has improved. Rick also helped me learn some pieces for an audition for a jazz band - I got through and now play for the band. Doing lessons over Skype works well and the hour goes by very quickly.



Caroline/ Jude.



My son Jude has been attending drumming lessons with Richard for 18 months now.  Since he began his lessons, he has achieved so much and Jude’s skill level is really phenomenal considering the short time he has been playing and I believe this is due to Richard’s teaching  method and understanding.  I cannot recommend Richard enough and I’m so glad he was recommended to us as it’s now part of Jude’s life which is amazing and he thoroughly enjoys his lessons and really looks forward to them each week.


James Lorenzo 



So had my first lesson in 24years with Jupp. I say my first lesson, been following his bands work and always loved the groove, feel, power & creativity of his playing. Turned up and there is a drum studio/grotto in his back yard! Straight to work we go after a couple of ice breakers and a killer brew (always important) from the get go I’m having my arse handed to me with something as simple as doubles an paradiddles, swapping the leading hands and incorporating patterns on my feet. I’ve always been a little afraid of having lessons, worrying if I’ll turn up on the day type of nerves. But Jupp made me feel right at home and comfortable. The past few weeks I have been implementing these new techniques I’ve learned (literally 3 simple ideas) and they’ve really opened up my playing and improved it ten fold! I didn’t realise this until my bands mates turned round and said they noticed there is a more honest power in my playing now rather than me just hitting hard as possible. Seriously, get in touch with the big man I assure you it will be the best idea you’ve had since that stupid hi hat idea you had that your band are still crucifying you for haha x



Pete Godby.



Rick Jupp’s knowledge of drumming together with his many years as a professional drummer was a major decision when selecting a tutor. I was certainly not disappointed. The sessions flew by as I was wrapped in a sea of creativity, fun and excitement, learning new beats, rhythms and coordinations.

I simply can’t praise him highly enough. A truly amazing and inspirational guy.

Pete 🥁😊

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